Take the Green Train

South Bronx Culture Trail Festival 2017: Take the Green Train



JUNE 1–4 and JUNE 8–11, 2017

Please stand clear of the closing doors and in full sight of the 2017 South Bronx Culture Trail Festival “Take the Green Train.” Where if you see something, you not only have to say something, but are free to get involved, sing and dance along too – because this year we are on the move with the MTA!

Join us June 1–11 for a creative commute filled with dance, music, theater and spoken word along the 4, 5, and 6 lines in The Bronx. At select MTA stops, artists will perform on the subway platforms (note: far behind the yellow lines) meet up and continue on the subways cars until they reach a final destination for a collective performance. There will also be artists-led projects in local community gardens and plazas along subway stops. Since we all know culture is contagious and it starts with you, all of the work presented is based on themes of social justice and positive, interactive community building. Ride with us and remember… keep your sense of belonging close and have an activism inspired day!

This is a message from the SBCT brought to you by Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education, Dancing in the Streets, the Bronx Music Heritage Center, BAAD, Pregones, Lincoln Center’s Boro-Linc, NYCHA and the New York City MTA.

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