SmART Leaders

smART Leaders is a year long program for high-school aged young people who identify as young women of color. We are dedicated to building positive self-esteem and sisterhood among all young women who participate in the program. We specifically focus on sisterhood, rediscovering our identities, and social justice education; the best part is that we do all of this through art-centered classes and workshops! Whether you are interested in painting, photography, dancing, making music, or other art-based activities we will provide you with the space to discuss topics that you are interested in learning about through artistic conversations and activities. smART Leaders is dedicated to supporting you to explore your power, your voice, your confidence, and your activism!

Fun Facts!

  • The Program is open to self-identified young women of color who live in The
  • Bronx between the ages of 14-18
  • The Program meets three times per week
  • The Program includes a range of art based social justice classes, workshops and field trips

Register Today!

until September 18, 2017 

Program begins October 2, 2017, at 3 PM