Middle School

Casita High School Bound

Our students mature during their Middle School years; it is a period of physical, social and emotional transitions. Physically they are becoming adults with their own sense of identity as autonomous individuals. They are experiencing new feelings and emotions, and becoming concerned with general appearance, peer pressure and “hero worship”. At the same time, they are experiencing academic challenges, including with abstract thinking, and a hunger for more practical information. It can be one of the most demanding times of their young lives, it can also be one of the most exciting and joyous times.

Casita High School Bound has been carefully designed to empower students as they negotiate their middle school years.  It focuses on four main themes—arts, academic support, physical activity and leadership development—and is delivered in a way that supports youth development. Through the program students come to understand the physical changes they are experiencing and are given the tools and support to develop a strong positive sense of their own identity. They are helped to appreciate their responsibilities to other people and their community while also being offered guidance on healthy relationships, good nutrition and physical wellbeing. Finally and perhaps most importantly, they are offered considerable support with their academic and creative work. Our fundamental goal is to ensure that the students not just succeed in middle school, but that are well prepared for high school, college and career success.