K to 5 Summer Camp

Casita Maria students visit the Bronx Zoo. photo by Lionel Cruet.

smART Kids Summer Camp

During the seven weeks of the program, smART Kids Summer Camp introduces a large group of five to thirteen year old students from our community to a wide range of cultural, educational and recreational activities that are designed to stimulate, engage, and entertain. This program enriches students lives during the summer months while their parents maintain a regular work schedule.

Casita Maria students enjoy all kinds of recreational activities.  They play tennis, volleyball, track and field, golf and other sports.  They experience country hikes and even go horseback riding. The program promotes healthy eating and encourages students to learn about nutrition and exercise.

Students also visit some of New York City’s finest cultural institutions, including Bronx Museum of Art, New York Hall of Science, Queens Zoo, Historic Richmond Town, the New York Aquarium, FDNY Fire Zone, the Police Museum and many other venues. 

On their days at Casita Maria, students have the opportunity to participate in dance and theater classes, join a reading club, practice math skills, and enjoy team building activities.  During the day they maintain journals where they record feelings and observations about the places they visited. They also share these orally during open discussions with their fellow students and teachers.  These journals and discussions help students develop their writing skills while also becoming more articulate and self confident.


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