June 3

The South Bronx Youth Leadership Council 

A leadership development program comprised of youth ages 14-21. The South Bronx “YLC” provides youth with a platform to use their voice to become ambassadors of positive change. Participants will become a conduit to community resources and education by connecting youth to local resources and information. As part of their commitment to promote safety, they are organizing Community Unity events throughout the South Bronx. The Youth Leadership Council is dedicated to enhancing the skills, knowledge and values of youth to make a difference in their community.

The Mitchel Residents Group

Residents of Mitchel Houses led by artist J. Bouey invite you to join them in an open showing and sharing of dance and movement, stories and gestures. Including members of Mitchel Senior Center and young people from PS 154 and the community center, this open session welcomes all to move and groove. 

Photo Credit: Jocelyn Miranda-Perry

Mobile Print Power (MPP)

A multigenerational collective based out of Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens. The collective uses silkscreen printmaking to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. During SBCT, MPP will explore community generated ideas for a just society, while printing designs based on the theme, Rooted in Liberation. On June 3rd, MPP will partner with People Power Movement to engage community members in conversation and image creation around the theme of displacement and collective action. On June 10th, MPP will continue this exploration while developing new images based on the work collected from community interaction during the first stage of the project. mobileprintpower.com

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MPP

Nene Ali

JA’neece Meggett is an AfricanAmerican rapper and spoken word poet activist from theBronx who found her voice at the age of six after listeningto poet Taalam Acey. Her poetry touches on issues ofliteracy, gang violence, child prostitution, Hip Hop cultureand self-worth among other themes. At age 11, NeNeperformed at the historic Apollo Theater and for dignitariesfrom Liberia. At age 12, she became the youngestrecipient of the “Village Keeper” award, and was recentlygiven the Nelson Mandela Youth Activist award. She has appeared on BET Rap City andreceived various recognitions. facebook.com/NeNeAli 

Legacy Women

Founded by award winning songwriter and activist Manuela Arciniegas, is an all women’s drum, song and dance troupe that plays Afro Dominican and Afro Puerto Rican bomba and palos music with an urban twist. The troupe enraptures audience imaginations with their fiery and poignant vocals and pulsing drums. Possessing the feminine power that unleashes a feeling of community exhilaration, their original and traditional songs pay tribute to the daily struggles and escapades of Caribbean urban women. Their sultrily booming vocals, precision drumming and expressive dances encourage everyone to learn history and stories of the heart. facebook.com/LegacyWomenNYC/

Photo Credit:Elena Mamarrazzi Marrero

Lady Moon & the Eclipse

Create a textured, voluminous blend of R&B, Afrobeat and multicultural sounds described as Cosmic Soul. To stand in their audience is to become one with the band itself — and perhaps even the cosmos. Lead vocalist Ngonda Badila’s first name means “moon” in Congolese. The band “illuminates” her as she sings, thus becoming a stand-in for the sun. The audience bears witness as the Earth, and an eclipse is metaphorically created. The group’s debut EP, Believe, bears traces of the last several decades of R&B, and vibrates with as much spirituality as it does danceable energy. ladymoonandtheeclipse.com

Photo Credit: Austin Donohue

Saturday, June 3

Graham Triangle / 137th Street and 3rd Ave

2-8 PM: The South Bronx Youth Leadership Council

2 PM: The Mitchel Residents Group
3-5 PM: Mobile Print Power + People Power Movement
5 PM: Nene Ali
5:30 PM: Legacy Women
7 PM: Lady Moon & The Eclipse