June 2

It’s Showtime NYC! 

Celebrates and promotes New York City street culture, providing performance and professional development opportunities to street and subway dancers, whose unique NYC art form—“Lite Feet”—mixes acrobatics, hat tricks, and Breakdance elements. The program offers opportunities to perform in NYC parks and public spaces as well as personal and professional skill development that builds viable and sustainable creative career paths. It’s Showtime NYC! Is a program of Dancing in the Streets, developed in partnership with Mark Morris Dance Group, supported by NYC Mayor’s Office, Department of Cultural Affairs and the Shelly and Donald Rubin Foundation. itsshowtime.nyc

People Power Movement (PPM)

In the Heart of the South Bronx, gentrification is a wedge that aims to displace neighborhoods. PPM will be in Mott Haven and Hunts Point, activating public space through guerrilla theater and political education. PPM will be exploring how the current housing market seeks to separate our communities through skyrocketing rents. Through community imagining, we begin to change the narrative of how the political system would look if it were the run by the people, for the people.peoplepowermovement.tumblr.com

The D.O.M.E. Experience

Presents "The Age of Unity" which features a jazz philharmonic orchestra, dancers, and cinematography. Each work incorporates a variety of thematic material related to current social and environmental issues. The program aims to inspire and motivate the audience to make individual lifestyle changes by immersing the audience's senses in a spectacular blend of awe-inspiring musical beauty, thought-provoking cinema, and world-class choreography. Co-Founded by Arcoiris Sandoval and Mimi Jones, The D.O.M.E. Experience
features original musical works/arrangements and choreography by:  Miho Hazama, Jamie Baum, David Kjar, Patrick Bartley, Lucas Pino, Alex Norris, Tim Vaughn, Greg Huebner, Ali Bello, Frederika Krier, Scott Tixier, Maryam Blacksher, Benjamin Von Gutzheit, Jennifer Vincent, Riza Printup, David Gilmore, Arcoiris Sandoval, Mimi Jones, Shirazette Tinnin, Goussy
Célestin, Mara Rivera, and Kimani Fowlin. thedomeexperience.com

Photo Credit: Andrew James

Friday, June 2

Msgr Raul Del Valle Square / Hunts Point 6 Train Plaza

4 PM: It’s Showtime NYC!
5-7 PM: People Power Movement
8 PM: The D.O.M.E Experience