June 10


The NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment "Off Broadway in the Boros" has made it possible to present an open rehearsal and work in progress of the En Garde Arts production June 10th, 10am-6 pm, full run through at 4 pm. Rain date: June 11th at the Andrew Freeman Home. Space graciously contributed by WARD Capital Management, LLC HQ & Andrew Freeman Home. Through theatre, music and dance, HARBORED looks back over two centuries of migration and immigration to explore how the American dream has succeeded and failed on its promises. Written and Directed by Jimmy Maize, with original music by  Heather Christian and choreography by Wendy Seyb. engardearts.org

Photo Credit: Courtesy of En Garde Arts

Mobile Print Power (MPP)

A multigenerational collective based out of Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens. The collective uses silkscreen printmaking to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. During SBCT, MPP will explore community generated ideas for a just society, while printing designs based on the theme, Rooted in Liberation. On June 3rd, MPP will partner with People Power Movement to engage community members in conversation and image creation around the theme of displacement and collective action. On June 10th, MPP will continue this exploration while developing new images based on the work collected from community interaction during the first stage of the project. mobileprintpower.com

Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP)

Use research and analysis, public education, policy advocacy and coalition-building to stop the current ineffective, unjust, discriminatory, and racially biased practices of the NYPD; to investigate police priorities and punish abusive conduct; and to implement local problem solving measures that strengthen communities while reducing crime. PROP’s community and audience is made up of all New Yorkers, but the focus of our work is on the people and communities most directly impacted by abusive NYPD practices. Including, but not limited to: black and brown men, homeless individuals and people with mental illness, gay and transgender people, sex workers, street vendors and Muslim communities. policereformorganizingproject.org


Birthright Crisis (2013)

Chronicles the ongoing cycle of deportation and violence faced by people of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic. Through first-hand accounts from Dominicans of Haitian descent and their allies, the film tells the story of a crisis in which many have seen their citizenship and basic human rights taken away. Director Miriam Neptune was born in the US to Haitian parents. Neptune’s media work has examined the multi-generational impact of political exile, and historical racism on communities throughout the Americas. bcrw.barnard.edu/transnational/portfolio-item/birthright-crisis/

Yasser Tejeda & Palotre

An infectiously rhythmic and cutting-edge group originating in Dominican Republic and now based in NY. Conceptualized and led by guitarist and composer Yasser Tejeda, Palotré is comprised of drummer/percussionist Victor Otoniel Vargas, percussionist Jonathan Troncoso and bassist Kyle Miles. This unique group is a leading quartet in the emerging Afro-Dominican jazz genre. Palotré fuses Dominican roots music with jazz, blues, funk and rock. Influenced by and infused with the edginess of Rock, the harmonic complexities of jazz and the rhythms of Dominican music. palotre.net/about

Photo Credit: Fabio Pimentel Torres.

Saturday, June 10

Andrew Freedman Home
1125 Grand Concourse

10 AM - 5 PM: En Garde Arts Harbored Open Rehearsal
4 PM: Run through

Morning Glory Garden
1219 Hoe Avenue

4:30 - 6:30 PM: Mobile Print Power + Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP)

Morning Glory Garden is a community garden located in the Crotona Park East section of the Bronx. We are a grassroots food project that provides organically grown produce and herbs to our community.  We regularly sell our produce in low-cost “harvest boxes,” to workplaces in the Bronx and Manhattan. We also grow Serrano peppers and other produce for The Bronx Hot Sauce and The Bronx Salad.


Bronx Music Heritage Center
1303 Louis Nine Blvd

7 PM: Bronx Rising: One Island, Two Houses
Birthright Crisis + Q&A by Director Miriam Neptune + music by Yasser Tejeda & Palotré