High School

College Bound

The young people of the South Bronx are talented, ambitious and smart. They want to get ahead.  They want to succeed. They need and deserve a college education. We launched College Bound to help them meet this goal, and it is remarkable to see how students in the program grow and develop.   They learn and experience a very great deal; really as a group, they come to know themselves and their ambitions better. They also come to learn what it will take—what they need to do—for them to fulfill their ambitions. Throughout the year our tutors offer group and individual academic support. As they move through the program, the students’ skills and confidence grow considerably; they become a truly focused group. The program includes college visits, mock college interviews, job shadowing, visiting speakers, and working with the students to develop their resumes and college essays. We also devote time to explaining the financial aid programs that are available—cost and fear of the forms being one of the most off-putting factors for the members of our economically disadvantaged community.