Cities of Sanctuary

Cities of Sanctuary Film Series

6 Films Celebrating the Immigrant Spirit

Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education in partnership with the New York City Council and Council Member Rafael Salamanca is proud to present Cities of Sanctuary Film Series with screenings and discussions of six critically acclaimed movies that celebrate the immigrant spirit in New York City and beyond.

With support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cities of Sanctuary Film Series will include movies that showcase New York as a longstanding sanctuary city but also illustrate how its residents - long-time citizens and newly arrived residents alike - create sanctuary for themselves and others. Whether a sports documentary like Doin’ It in the Park or a mainstream comedy like I Like It LIke That, the program includes films for all community members regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, age and even taste. Furthermore, following the screening of each film, Casita Maria will facilitate a dialogue among audience members, giving them an opportunity to share their reflections on the movie and ideas for forging a sense of community in the South Bronx across the borough’s diverse residents. When possible the filmmakers have been invited to join these conversations, making themselves available to answer the audience’s questions.

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In partnership with the New York City Council, Council Member Rafael Salamanca and support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


Mosquita y Mari

Friday, May 19, 6 PM
In a fast-paced immigrant community where dreams often lose to the need to survive, teens Mosquita y Mari find sanctuary in each other.

Mad Hot Ballroom

Saturday, May 20, 11 AM
This award-winning documentary follows a group of NYC kids as they learn ballroom dancing and prepare for a citywide dance competition.

Surprise Feature**

Saturday, May 20, 3 PM
When his grandmother dies, a Mexican boy is determined to travel to the U.S. to find his mother. Kate Del Castillo stars in this poignant movie.

Doin' It In Park

Friday, June 23, 6 PM  
New York City is the worldwide mecca of summer basketball, and this vibrant documentary explores the history, culture and social impact of this scene.

Surprise Feature**

Saturday, June 24, 11 AM
You won’t want to miss this visually stunning drama which tells the story of four Latino immigrants in New York.


I Like It Like That

Saturday, June 24, 3 PM
In this edgy and touching comedy, a young woman must find a way to support her family when her husband is arrested during a blackout in the Bronx. The first studio picture directed by an African American woman.   

 * Subject to Change

** Due to licensing restrictions, we are prohibited from revealing the title in our promotional material. To inquire about the surprise feature, please call Luis Pagan, (718) 589-2230 ext. 6091

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