South Bronx Culture Trail Festival

Lincoln Center Education presents

Spirit Ensemble

Sunday, June 11

2 to 3 pm - Music-makingWorkshop

3 to 4 pm - Performance With a long and dynamic history, the Spirit Ensemble has established itself as the primary source for music that traverses the African Diaspora. The enchanting sounds of the mbira, kora, bala, steel pan, and bamboo flute comprise the essence of Spirit’s sound and provide the foundation for rhythmic travels.


Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education

Lincoln Center Education presents

Afro Yaqui Music Collective

Sunday, June 18

2 to 3 pm - Music-making Workshop

3 to 4 pm - Performance Bringing jazz, funk, and hip-hop into dialogue with indigenous music of the 21st century, the Afro Yaqui Music Collective (AYMC) is a nine-piece outfit that descends from West African, global Indigenous, and East Asian musical traditions. Led by Mexican operatic vocalist of Yaqui descent Gizelxanath Rodriguez, an internationally performing soprano and activist, along with saxophonist and Fred Ho protégé Ben Barson, the band creates a new rhythm that liberates spirit and soul

Lincoln Center Education presents

Gino Sitson

Sunday, June 25

2 to 3 pm - Music-making Workshop

3 to 4 pm - Performance New York–based vocal virtuoso Gino Sitson is a French-American originally from the Bamileke region of Cameroon, Central Africa. The award-winning singer is a pioneer of a new generation African musicians who are integrating their own unique experiences into their musical styles. Sitson’s daring musical project innovatively combines jazz, gospel, blues, and traditional African polyphonies, polyrhythms, and melodies.

All workshops are led by Boro-Linc Bronx community artist-in-residence Jadele McPherson and take place at Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education 928 Simpson Street. Performances take place outside at Monsignor Del Valle Square Hunts Point Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard. In case of rain, performances will be moved inside to Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education.


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