Casita Maria 80th Anniversary Mural

On August 3, 2013, we unveiled a new mural which celebrates the remarkable achievements of Casita Maria Alumni and marks the beginning of our 80th anniversary celebrations. The mural was created by a group of current Casita students, in tandem with teaching artists Carolina Diaz and Clark Alamo in the ArtWorks Summer Arts Internship Program. Each individual depicted in the mural represent Casita's important role in empowering youth and creating life changing opportunities for the members of our community.

Alumni featured in the 80th Anniversary Mural

Tito Puente
Grammy Award Winner Latin Jazz Musician and Composer, “The King of the Timbales”

DJ GrandMaster Flash
Hip Hop Pioneer

Robert Sancho
Vice President at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center

Anna Arraya Colon

Benny Bonilla
Salsa Musician

BG 183
Visual Artist, TATS CRU

Wandee “WanderPop” Candelario

Americo Casiano

Deena “SnapShot” Clemente

Steffan “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente
Dancer and Choreographer

Robert Crespo
Administrator and Community Leader

Joe Conzo, Jr.
Photographer, Member of Seis del Sur

Ricky Flores
Photographer, Member of Seis del Sur

David Gonzalez
Journalist and Photographer, Member of Seis del Sur

Norma Gonzalez
Administrator at Casita Maria

Francisco Molina Reyes II
Photographer and Visual Artist, Member of Seis del Sur

Hon. Annabel Palma
New York City Council Member

Tina Ramirez
Founder of Ballet Hispanico

Marta Rivera
Educator at Casita Maria and Community Leader

Angel Rodriguez
Salsa Musician

DJ GrandWizzard Theodore
Hip Hop Pioneer, inventor of scratching and needle dropping

Dave Valentin
Grammy Award Winner Latin Jazz Musician and Composer

Lorraine A. Cortés-Vázquez
65th Secretary of State of New York

Alex Aponte
Administrator and Community Leader

Photos by Casita Maria Alumnus, Ricky Flores.

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